Our Story

A few years ago, a group of six Christian churches in NWA realized that Bentonville & Centerton were two of the fastest growing cities in Arkansas.

Because of that observation it was determined that a church in this area was needed to help more people become Christians. These six churches eventually collaborated with two different church planting groups named Nexus Church Planting Network and the Arkansas Church Planting Network. They also collaborated with another church from Midland, Texas named Golf Course Road Church of Christ.

These entities came together and began to formulate a plan, raise awareness, raise the necessary funding, and find a Church Planter.

The Church Planter went through a rigorous assessment and training process before being commissioned to start Adventure Church. In late July of 2016 Robi & Sandy Brust moved to Bentonville to launch Adventure Church.

Since the church is new and doesn’t have leadership from within the church yet, a Management Team was formed to give insight, guidance, and support to the church planter. ACPN, Nexus, GCR, one representative from the six area churches, and the church planter make up the management team.


Helping Everyday People Find Eternal Significance



We strongly desire to know God, not just about God.

We believe that we NEED God. As a result we live by the principle “A healthy sense of desperation is our norm.

As we get to know God more we realize this truth as well… “God’s not mad at you.” This is a liberating truth because, as we get to know God we realize that He loves us deeply and wants the best for us.

We also desire to know other people by experiencing authentic relationships.

Because authentic relationships cannot be built on being fake… “We are a church where it is okay to not be okay.”


Jesus, who was God in human form, defined himself as a servant. (Mark 10:45)

Therefore we desire to take on his nature of being a servant to all because we are most like Jesus when we are serving.

A phrase we use to help us to remember this motivation is: “We serve and love until they ask, “Why?”

We even serve and love even if they never ask “Why?”


We believe that that greatest adventure of all is living on the edge by following God.

There is no real adventure unless we “go”.

We “Go” By…

Loving others and providing a safe place for community.

Showing others the church rather than just inviting them to church.

Training people that to be disciples of Jesus, requires that we tell others about Him.

Training those who we’ve told about Jesus, to be disciples who will, in turn, bring and train others. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Why Do We Do All Of This? Because, “Salvation Hangs In The Balance.”