Here’s the deal. Life is an adventure. Sometimes the adventure is a rush. Other times the adventure is painful, difficult and exhausting. Taking an adventure by yourself is not really a lot of fun. That’s why we need a guide. His name is Jesus. We also want some people nearby that can be on our team. Why? Because sometimes it gets a little crazy and we may just need someone to pull us out of a ditch.

At Adventure Church we are all about walking alongside people, even during the messes, with compassion and encouragement. We also help prepare people to follow our guide; Jesus, and then for those same people to help others do the same. We desire to help families, children, men, women, singles find their own adventures as they follow Jesus.

We believe that all people desire some level of significance. That significance comes when we align ourselves with the plan that Jesus lays out in the Bible. When this happens we make a difference in our neighborhoods, jobs, families, community, and into the world. THAT is what Adventure Church is all about: Helping everyday people find eternal significance.

Let us know if you are coming or ask us questions!



Coffee & Donuts

Of course! Every Sunday we have coffee and donuts available to eat. So…come a little bit early so that all the good donuts, the donuts with sprinkles, aren’t already taken!


Do I Have to Dress Up?

We’re a pretty casual bunch that doesn’t value one way or the other what a person wears. So, wear what is comfortable and modest, of course.


Do I Have to Sing?

Group singing in our present culture is pretty rare, which makes the Church “unique”! Unique can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective. So...you don’t have to sing, but you can if you want.


Do I Have to Pay?

Nope. The members of Adventure Church know that we have the privilege of giving back to God a portion of what He has given to us. If you are a guest at Adventure Church, we don’t want your money!

Weekly Schedule

Sunday mornings @ 9:30

Adventure Groups

Continue the Adventure During the Week


Our Worship style at Adventure Church is an Engaging experience. We believe that when we worship together we connect with God and with each other.


Sunday Experience

We have classes for preschool - high school children that take place at the same time as our Sunday morning adult gathering.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

All the volunteers that work with kids have filled out an application and have been background checked.

We also have a policy that there are always 2 or more unrelated people working with each class.

Adventure Church - Kids


Adventure Church

305 SE 22nd Street

Bentonville, AR 72712