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Seeking God

// Robi Brust // July 30, 2018

Seeking God is actually instinctive for all humans. We often find something else to fill that “God shaped hole”. However, it is IN there instinctively to be disciples of Jesus. TO SEEK AFTER GOD.
It is FINE TUNED with training.
What is the training that we need to fine tune this instinct?
Listen to find out…

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Adventure Church Online Magazine

Adventure Guide for Life // Robi Brust // June 4, 2018

Check out our new Online Magazine. It is designed to be a tool for you to help you take “next steps” in your relationship with God. We believe that the “greatest adventure of all is following God”. We need assistance as we take this adventure. That’s where the Adventure Church Online Magazine comes in. We’ve curated articles from all over the internet. You’ll see topics on sharing your faith (intersections), overcoming personal struggles, living in community, raising kids in an upside down world, etc. Just click on the word Magazine.

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Get help managing finances in a God-honoring way.
Help for the adventure of matrimony.
Help with the adventure of family.
Help for your personal vocational calling.