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1:25 Prayer

1:25 Prayer

Eternal Significance, Intersections // Robi Brust // January 6, 2018

1:25 Daily Prayer

  • Set an alarm on your phone for 1:25 pm each day.
  • When your alarm goes off just stop for a minute and pray about the following…
  • Here is what each number represents:
    • 1 person that you are praying for to become a Christian
    • 2 Invites to church or small group each week
    • 5 Intersections with people each week
  • Important! The emphasis is on PRAYING for God to direct you! If there is one thing that I have learned from planting a church it is this: God is already preparing the people that you come into contact with regularly to be open to a conversation, an invitation, an act of compassion, etc. It has been amazing to see how God has orchestrated relationships and connections in order to bring people to Adventure Church. Our job is to simply get in alignment with Him. When we do, He does all the heavy lifting!

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